Week 8 – Business Proposal

When you want to start new business, you may need to get someone to support your new venture by giving you money. This money is called “venture capital”. Business proposals are also used when you want to suggest some changes to your company, or a client company. The most important part of a proposal is to deliver your idea clearly, mention the benefits of your idea, your qualifications related to your suggestion, and also to include some quantitative information such as costs and estimated revenues. If you are proposing a new business or product, then the target market should also be explained with as much detail as possible. For example, who is interested in your new product or service? What locations will be important for your new business. This week we will practice to describe our business ideas to others. This is called “delivering” a business proposal.

Download the lesson plan (PDF):


Speaking English more professionally (basic level)

How to make a great business proposal (intermediate level)

10 Key questions to ask when starting a business (intermediate level)

How to write a business plan (intermediate level)

Basic structure of a business proposal (advanced level)

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